Saturday, June 20, 2009

The second week of June we had our Mens Refugee Camp. There were 14 Muslim men from Algeria and Morocco and about 7 or 8 of us as staff. Most of the guys we invited to come have been involved in a weekly spiritual discussion group with our ministry.

Here, we have just arrived on a make-shift barge to the camp. There is no road to the camp, so we must go by boat. You can also see the large black tanks on the barge. That is one way we get water to the property since all the attempts for digging water-wells have only dug up rock.

First time for these guys to shoot a bow and arrow.

First time for many of them to jump on a trampoline.

First time for them to not only climb a rock climbing wall, but also the first time most had seen one.
Football (soccer). Definitely not a first. There's a lot of impressive footwork and skill on the field there.
Swimming and cannoeing.
Mike and the guys grilling some chicken. Heath did an incredible job of cooking all the meals for the camp. He worked with a couple of the guys to make Moroccan tea which we had a couple times a day. He also made authentic Moroccan couscous. We ate well!

This camp was the shortest camp we will have all summer--3 days. In those three days these guys were able to escape the chaos of everyday life in the city. They live with a constant question of when and how they will leave the country, being assured of nothing. Most of them sleep in abandoned buildings with no electricty or water. They live day to day in fear of the police, either from the law or brutality. I asked one of the guys how he slept after our first night there. He told me it was the best sleep he has had in the three months he has been in Greece. Some of the guys were saying that this was the most beautiful place they had ever been.
In three days we spent over 10 hours in teaching and discussion, not to mention the personal conversations and discussions. Most of the guys are very religious, some of them observing all 5 times of prayer each day. One of the goals of our staff was to finish the week feeling confident that we had clearly presented the gospel of Christ to these guys. And by the end of the camp, we had shared and communicated the gospel in various ways, several times. May the Word of God challenge their minds and cut to their hearts!
I thank God for the guys I work with. What a blessing they are to me and a joy to work and serve with.

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